Some time children with cerebral palsy have behavioral abnormality and these children need behavior management. Behavior management is similar to behavior modification. It is a less intensive version of behavior therapy. In behavior modification the focus is on changing behavior, while in behavior management the focus is on maintaining order. Behavior management skills are of particular importance to teachers in the educational system. Behavior management include all of the actions and conscious inactions to enhance the probability people, individually and in groups, choose behaviors which are personally fulfilling, productive, and socially acceptable.Behavior management is applied at the group level by a classroom teacher as a form of behavioral engineering to produce high rates of student work completion and minimize classroom disruption. In addition, greater focus has been placed on building self-control.

In general behavior management strategies have been very effective in reducing classroom disruption. In addition, recent efforts have focused on incorporating principles of functional assessment into the process.

Group therapy is very useful in the behavior management. Childs with behavior problems are usually very aggressive. They have no control how to initiate and complete the movement. So in group these children can be competitor with each other, by this they can learn more and can do the activity more clearly. We can make a special class for them in which they have much different work to do, such as painting, drawing, building blocks, picture management, etc. These types games are used increase their activity and too their concentration level.

In behavior management we have some time also work on psychological aspects so these should also be managed. Behavior problem may be related to psychological way also so should be managed in that way also. Child must be trained in different way how to manage their speed, accuracy, starting and end point. How they have reach out, how they should go, how to end with the things. What they should do what should not. What can harm them what not. All these things they must learn.

Exercises should be done in such situations. Blowing exercise/ sucking exercise throw respirometer. Reading & writing/ picture coloring/ matching & tracing etc. Using pictures and drawings for communication. Phonation exercises throw mirror. Lip syllable development. Developing concepts rotated to body parts & ADL.

One should work on concentration of the child. Concentration & memorizing exercises are must to increase brain power. Intelligence quotient can be checked in these children and can be increased. Increasing IQ is according to the age.

Behaviour Management Cerebral Palsy
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