Name – Dr Jitendra Kumar Jain
Address -182C / 350A, Trishla Orthopedic and Spinal Clinic Tagore Town, Allahabad, U.P-211002., India
Ph no– 0532-2468989,
Mobile Ph.– 91-9415014994
Email Id,     

  • Consultant Pediatric Orthopedic and Spinal Surgeon ,Trishla Orthopedic Clinic & Rehab Center 182c/350a, Tagore town, Allahabad (UP)
  • Secretary & Team Leader , Samvedna Trust (trust for children with disability), 6/8, Elgin Road, Allahabad, UP-211002, India

  • MBBS (KGMC, Lucknow, UP) with honors in many subjects, 1995
  • MS ORTHO (PGI, Chandigarh), 1999
  • DNB ORTHO, New Delhi, 2000
Professional achievement:-

  • Junior Resident in PGI Chandigarh for 3 years,
  • Senior Resident in Govt. Medical College, Chandigarh for 1 year
  • Research associate in M L N Medical College, Allahabad, UP for 3 years
  • Full time consultant Paediatric orthopedic surgeon since 2004
  • Training in paed. ortho. under Dr SS Gill, PGI Chandigarh & Dr Ashok Johari, Bombay
  • Experience of successful management in 3000 children with cerebral palsy

Research work:-

  • Clinical & radiological assessment of Acetabular recon during THR at PGI, Chandigarh
  • A study of interrelationship between flurosis and postmenopausal osteoporosis and its effect on its management- CSIR sponsored project in MLN medical college, Allahabad
  • Holistic approach in mx of CP at  SamvednaTrust, Allahabad

Honors & Awards:-

  • Passed all examinations in first attempt with honors
  • Dr Bhagwan Das Memorial Award for best research paper published in JBJD 2001.

Offices held in organizing committee of conferences:-

  • Scientific Secretary of POSICON-2002 at Allahabad
  • Joint Organizing Secretary & faculty for CEZCON-2003 at Allahabad
  • Scientific Secretary& faculty for UPPG instructional course lecture-2004 at Allahabad
  • Organizing secretary of CPCON-2010 (Nat. Conference on Cerebral Palsy) at Allahabad
  • Convener & faculty of workshop on Pedia Ortho in UP Orthocon-2010 at Allahabad ,
  • Course Director for Workshop on CP rehabilitation in Physiocon-2011 at Kanpur .
  • Organizing secretary of Nat. symposia for parents of children with CP on 27th Nov 2011
  • Course director for workshop on problem solving approach in Mx of CP  on 18th Nov 2012 at Allahabad.
  • Coordinator for panel discussion on spastic foot deformity in IOACON  at Chennai on 14th Dec 2012
  • Chairman, Celebration of national cerebral palsy day by Samvedna in association with aviskar programme of MNNIT, Allahabad on 3rd October.

Academic Achievement:-

  • Worked as co guide for 6 theses for the degree of MS orthopedic of Allahabad University from 2003 to 2005.
  • Worked as guest lecture in Deptt. Of Zoology, Allahabad university from 2002 to 2005.
  • Guest faculty in more than 4o national and state chapter conferences & IMA Meetings.
  • Specialty Editor in Indian Journal of Cerebral Palsy

Life Membership :-

  • Indian orthopedic association
  • Pediatric orthopedic society of India
  • Indian association of cerebral palsy
  • National academy of medical sciences
  • Indian Rheumatology association
  • Association of spinal surgeon of India
  • Indian medical association
  • Central zone of orthopedic
  • UP chapter of IOA
  • Bombay orthopedic society

Special interest :-

  • Cerebral palsy, Pediatric orthopedics and deformity corrective surgery

Courses attended after Postgraduate :-

  • Illizarov Fixator-44th IOACON, Hyderabad. 15-19 Dec 1999
  • Basic Course on Microsurgical Techniques, BOS, Bombay. 6 -10Aug. 2001.
  • Basic Course on Microsurgical Techniques- ESSI, Mumbai. 6-10 Aug.2001
  • Pediatric Spine- Apollo hospital, New Delhi. 22 March 2002
  • Arthoscopy Lower Limb- 47th IOA, Patna. 12-17 Nov 2002.
  • Fixation of Dorsolumbar Spine, ASSICON, Varanasi. 24 Jan.2003.
  • Understanding The Lumber Spine & Its Care, Aswani back institute –Mumbai, 2003
  • JESS Fixator Course, BOS, Bombay-2003. 22-27 Setp.2003
  • Spinal Deformities Allahabad, 10th POSICON. Feb 2004.
  • Spine Course in BOS, Mumbai. 20-26 Nov. 2004.
  • Advanced Courses in Orthopedics management of Cerebral palsy. Asia pacific childhood disability update, 2005, Mumbai. 2-3 Dec. 2005.
  • Instructional Course in Spine –ASSI, Mumbai. 19 – 21 Aug 2005
  • Course on Cadaveric Flap Dissection-BOS, Mumbai. 11-12 Aug 2007
  • Prolapsed Lumber Intervertebral Disc- AO SPINE, Lucknow. 16 March 2007.
  • Advance course on Physiotherapy Mx of Spinal Cord Injury –ISICON, Delhi,  2006.
  • Tendon Transfers in Hand Surgery- KGMC Lucknow. 22-23 Dec. 2007
  • AO Course of Principles in Oper. Fracture Mx – AO Foundation Delhi. 22-24 Feb 2008.
  • Osteotomy around hip- POSICON-2009, 9th Jan 2009.
  • Adolescent hip disorders-. POSI-POSNA workshop, 24th-25th jan,2010
  • Reconstruction of long bone defects in children- POSI-POSNA workshop, 24th Jan,2010

  • Sen RK, Jain JK Nagi ON. Traumatic bowing of the forearm bones in roller machine injuries. Injury.2004; 35:1202-1206.
  • Jain JK,Sen RK, Bansal SC, Nagi ON. Image Intensifier and Orthopedic Surgeon-Current Concept Review. Indian J.Orthopaedics.2001; 35(20:13-19.
  • Mujeeb SMD, Jain JK, Goldsmith R, Gill SS. Tumoral calcinosis-a case report. Indian J.Orthopedics 2002; 36(40: 253-5.
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  • Shah V, Yadav UB, Varma AN, Jain JK. Treatment of severely crushed limb by Illizarov technique. J.B.J.D.2003; 19:69-73.
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  • Varma AN, Jain JK. Article in symposium on pediatrics ipsilateral elbow and forearm injuries. Orthopedics journal of MP chapter 2004; 13(1): 6-22.
  • Jain JK, Singhal R, Yadav UB, Varma AN. Myositis Ossificans progressive- a case report.J.B.J.D.2002;19:105-7.
  • Jain JK, Shah V, Varma AN. Morquio-Brasilsford disease (chondrodystrophy) – A case report. J.B.J.D.2003; 19; 105-7…
  • 1. Jain J, Jain V M, Shrivastav V. Single event multi level surgery in a teenager having spastic triplegic cerebral palsy. Ind. JCP, Vol. 1: Issue 1, June, 27-29….
Guest Lectures:
  1. Cerebral palsy. PRECON-2004,Allahabad,  9-10 Oct. 2004
  2. Role of Botulinum toxin in cerebral palsy. CEZCON- 2004,Allahabad29-31 Oct 2004.
  3. Newer concept in management of cerebral palsy.APOCON-2005,Allahabad.
  4. Role of  Ortho Surgery in mx of lower limb in CP—Nat seminar on CP, Delhi— 2006
  5. Role of OSSCS in mx of CP 2nd  habilitation conf. on  CP, New Delhi.9th  Dec 2007
  6. Role of OSSCS in CP.  Current trends in multidisciplinary health care. Delhi. 9th Dec.2007.
  7. Integrated approach in Mx of CP.  Xxvii annual conf.  NZIOA, New Delhi.4-6th Apr. 2008
  8. OSSCS surgery: a boon for children with CP. Semi. on hygiene & environment, Allahabad. 23 August, 2008.
  9. Ortho prospective in mx of CP. UPPG Instrct.Course Lecture, Meerut-2008.9th Nov 2008.
  10. Role of OSSCS & in advance mx of CP. 3rd  Habilitation Conference,  Delhi14th Dec 2008.
  11. Integrated approach in management of cerebral palsy: CEZCON 2009,Bhopal MP
  12. Integrated approach in mx of  CP : UPPEDICON 2009,Allahabad, UP, 14 Nov 2009.
  13. Integrated approach in mx of CP: 1st Nat. Conf. on Social Ortho.  Jabalpur, 13th Dec 2009.
  14. Mx Protocol in CP –Pre-conf. workshop, UPCON 2010, Allahabad, 19th Feb, 2010.
  15. Role of early SEMLS in Mx of children with cerebral palsy- IACP2010,Jabalpur
  16. Integrated approach in management of cerebral palsy- UPCON2011,Gorakhpur, UP
  17. management protocol in routine  Paediatric Orthopaedic Problem- 14th annual  conference of AIAP (Physiocon-2011) at Kanpur on 24-25th September
  18. Concept of OSSCS in mx of Cerebral Palsy- 20th nov.2011,CPCON-2011,New Delhi
  19. Aging with cerebral palsy & their management –National conference on parental guideline for children with cerebral palsy at Allahabad on 27th Nov2011.
  20. Latest advancement in management of cerebral palsy & social prospective- at world disability day, 2nd Dec, Viklang University, Chitrakut.
  21. Three Guest lecture (approach to CP Child, aging with CP, Role of SEMLS in Mx of cerebral palsy ) in IACP2011 at Calcutta on 15-16 Dec, 2011
  22. latest advance in Mx of CP in centenary celeb. CSMU, Lucknow on 23th Dec, 2011
  23. latest advance in Mx of cerebral palsy in UPORTHOCON-2012 at Kanpur 18th feb 2012.
  24. Role of SEMLS & OSSCS in Mx of cerebral palsy in internat. conf. of global commitment towards inclusive development of person with disability, IARP on 18th march 2009
  25. lectures on childhood physical disability including cerebral palsy in Othopaedic club- Allahabad, Lucknow, Kanpur ,Varanasi , Bhagalpur & Paediatric club– Allahabad, Sitapur, Varanasi, Raibareli, AMA branch- Allahabad, Pratapgarh, Sultanpur, Rewa, Basti, Faizabad, Mirzapur, Gonda, Balrampur, Deoria & Physiotherapy Meeting- Kanpur, Jounpur, Faizabad
  26. Soft tissue surgery in spastic foot in IOACON 2012 at Chennai on 14th Dec 2012.
  27. Complication in fracture neck Femur in young adult & children- mid term symposium of Uttar Pradesh chapter of IOA at Gorakhpur on 15th Sept 2013.
  28. Social issues & latest scenario of CP in India – Aviskar 2013, MNNIT, Allahabad
  29. 29. Management of Spastic Foot in cerebral palsy (2 separate talk ) -5th AFFAS Meeting & 1st HKFAS Meeting at Hong Kong to be held on 29-30 Nov 2013.
  30. Botulinum Toxin in Cerebral palsy- IACPCON-2013 at Ahmadabad on 20-21st Dec 2013
  31. S31.Integrated approach in management of cerebral palsy affected people at Allahabad in ist national conference on emergency management on 26th Feb2014

Workshop conducted –

  1. CME on Cerebral palsy physiotherapy association Faizabad, UP
  2. CME on approach to child with CP Varanasi physiotherapy association, Varanasi, UP
  3. CME cum Workshop on approach to child with cerebral palsy S P Med College, Lucknow
  4. CME cum Workshop on approach to child with CP Pacific Coll. of Physio Gorakhpur
  5. Pre-conference workshop on Paedia Ortho in UPCON-2010 at Allahabad19th Feb 2010.
  6. CME cum workshop on approach to child with cerebral palsy-Sai Coll. physio ,Kanpur
  7. Workshop on CP rehabilitation. 14th Nat. conf. of AIAP at Kanpur on 24-25th September.
  8. Workshop on mx in CP.  Nat. conf. on physiotherapy  at Jodhpur on 14th Jan 2012.
  9. Workshop on advance treatment modality in cerebral palsy- college of applied education & health sciences, Gangotri, Roorkee , Meerut on 9th Sept 2012.

Free check up camps-    Conducted more than 70 free check up camps for children with cerebral palsy in various part of India including , Gonda, Balrampur, Faizabad(2), Pratapgarh (3), Jounpur (3), Mirzapur (3), Varanasi (2), Basti, Gorakhpur (4), Lucknow(3), Sitapur, Lakhimpur(2), Fatehpur, Kanpur (5), Rewa, Firozabad, Aligarh(2), New Delhi (5), Allahabad(10), Deoria(2), Raipur, Bilaspur, Agra (5), Meerut, Delhi (6), Rajkot, Rajgarh, Khandwa, Mujafferpur (bihar) , Buxar, Saharanpur, Ranchi(2), Ramgarh, Katni (2), Kota, Bhopal(2), Ahmadabad (Gujrat), Sultanpur, Sagar, Bareli(2) , Khatima, Indore, Jhumeritailiya, Dhanbad, Bhadohi , Gurgaon etc

Conferences Attended:-

              Attended more than 100 state , national, international conferences & meetings 

Special interest :-

  • Pediatric orthopedic especially cerebral palsy & deformity corrective surgery.
Experience :-

  • Experience of more than 12 years in the field of cerebral palsy & treated more than 5000 children suffering from cerebral palsy successfully. He Has used all available modality of treatment in CP including botulinum toxin, repeated plaster application, routine orthopedic surgery and single event multilevel Orthopedic surgery  (SEMLOSSS) by OSSCS concept. OSSCS has changed whole scenario in overall management of cerebral palsy. This technique is based on concept of multiarticular spastic and antigravity mono-articular muscle. With selective release of multiarticular muscle and preservation of monoarticular muscle, spasticity can be decrease up-to great extent without causing any weakness. He Has started this technique first time in north India and in last 8 year we have succeeded in getting excellent result in more than 800 cases of cerebral palsy, which did not responded by all other modality. Child, who was not able to walk, started walking with in 3-4 month of therapy after surgery. We are getting excellent response in  spastic cerebral palsy. Now He is including bony alignment surgery only in elder children with bony deformity, torsion and tendon transfer in children with problem in  hands . along with this inclusion he also modified some basic concept . with this modification and inclusion we are getting excellent results even in older children i given name to this whole concept as SEMLOSSS.  He is also running a trust Samvedna a fully charitable trust for children with physical disability”. This trust is working since 9 year and provides all kind of latest management in cerebral palsy and also provides training (NDT and SI) to young therapist. We are also actively involved in research work on latest technique in management of cerebral palsy. 25 therapists are working in the trust and in last 9 year we were able to treat 1800 children suffering with cerebral palsy with excellent response in most of the children. Motto of our trust is to spread awareness regarding latest technique in Mx of childhood physical disability specially cerebral palsy.