Hand Exercise

The development of pre-programmed engrams is essential for finger activities and in the absence of these engrams, in co-ordination occurs even though each of the prime movers can be contracted voluntarily. The complex activities of pinch and grasp require multimuscular coordination for each digit. Power grasp performaned by approximating the four finger toward the thenar eminence is used in its various modification for about 20 percent of activities.

Exercise like pronation –supination, finger nose test, radial and ulnar grip, chuck, grip, grasp, opposition exercises, spring finger exerciser, ball exercise or use of cotton wool balls to practice grip, peg board exercise ,spiral test.

Sensory contours and shape objective: to build self confidence, increase the power of observation and build hand eye coordination. The objective is to create a disconnect between the logical or critical left side of the brain, and the creative side by physically distancing the eye from the hand, thereby disconnecting the ability for the brain to observe it’s own handwork. Once the patient is able to observe the shapes and record them without feeling the impulse to judge the work in progress, they have made a great leap past the trap of the critical self.

The drawing exercises require not looking at the paper while the patient very slowly observes and records the shape of an object: (hand, shoe or face).these exercise should be repeated and the focus should be on observation, slowness, and not looking on the paper. It helps to tape the corners of the paper to the table so it won’t move. The patient should be able to turn completely away from the table to look at whatever they are drawing.

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