Ø      Facility of surgical treatment and medical treatment of all pediatric orthopedics problems like congenital anomalies, Ricketic deformities, polio, cerebral palsy & post septic Sequelae.

Ø      Deformity corrective surgery,

Ø      Limb saving surgery in bone cancer and metastasis

Ø      Botulinum toxin, corrective plaster & Single Event Multi level surgery by OSSCS concept ( Japanese surgical technique  ) in cerebral palsy

Ø      Illizarrov &  hybrid fixator technique in limb lengthening and deformity corrective surgery

We are getting the children affected with cerebral palsy from all over north India. Till now about 2000 children are in follow up and most of them are showing nice results.

7   surgery


limb lengthening by ilizarrow