Kanij at two year of age started falling while walking.  we went to many places in India but there was no fruitful response. All of them advised only physiotherapy. We carried out physiotherapy for many years, by that she started standing with support but not able to walk independently, both upper & lower limb were severely affected . We stopped going anywhere for few year then suddenly one year back we got information regarding Dr Jain and after that we came to Allahabad . After proper evaluation Dr Jain advised OSSCS surgery & assured us that child who has capability of standing with support &  presence of neck holding indicate that she can recover fully after surgery & good therapy programme & asked us to stay in Allahabad for 4 months. Kanij was operated on 16th April 2008. Dr. Jain operated on all four limbs in a single sitting. Deformity in all four limbs was corrected fully. Therapy was stated in SAMVEDNA trust. After one month she stated showing miraculous result. she stared standing with little support & range of movement in upper limb also increased dramatically . she started walking with stick after 6 weeks. After three month she is able to do all routine daily activities of life without any support like walking on ground, climbing upstairs, and toileting and even able to eat. Now I am confident that she will have much better independent life. All this recovery was only possible by team of Samvedna & Dr Jain. We will be highly grateful to team of Samvedna & wish that all children with Cerebral palsy should not suffer so long & should be treated as my daughter in right place like Samvedna.        Father:- Mukkimuddin  Add- mal kaida, Dist Dhanbad

A My son Priyam was born on 3rd Dec 2001 in a reputed hospital under care of very senior gynecologist. Because of some problem to my wife the delivery was conducted prematurely at 7 months. The child was only 900 Gms at birth. Just after birth he was admitted to NICU for two months. The child became one year of age & with continuous treatment he became nearly normal but could not move his legs. Initially he could not hold his neck, but by two years he started holding neck & tried to drag himself in prone position on ground.I consulted many doctors regarding this including Orthopedician, Neurologist, Neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist & Pediatrician, but felt that probably these Doctors does not have any treatment .I took my child to Delhi & consulted many Doctors, after that I was sent to AIIMS, where after many investigations they told that child is suffering from Cerebral Palsy & its only treatment is physiotherapy .I was back to Allahabad & started regular Physiotherapy & me and my wife also gave therapy as possible, but there was no improvement.  Again I met Dr. J.V. Rai & he advised that you should immediately consult Dr. Jain; probably my good time was there.I met Dr. Jain & he consoles us that his treatment is possible &  there is a hope that Priyam can walk and also told us you should have patience. Dr. Jain told that Priyam muscles were tight and its treatment is surgery, which can be done only at 6 year of age. At this time Botox injection would be given which should be effective till 7- 8 month along with continue therapy programme. Then my son got Botox injection & therapy under guidance of Dr Qadeer.My son started sitting and standing without support with in a month of injection. He improved progressively with therapy. After 1 year again muscle was tighten again so second injection was given after 15 months. With second injection he improved a lot. Therapy was carried out at home and he started walking with little support.He even started going to school after ward.  Trust SAMVEDNA and team of therapist gave full moral and therapeutic guidance support at each step so that I was not worried about my child. I was in direct touch with Dr Jain for regular follow-up.  My child was improving day by day but effect of botulinum toxin lost only for 1 year and again my child was started walking on toes with bend knee . it was decided by Dr Jain, that vigorous therapy programmes should continued till 6 year of age. So OSSCS surgery could be performed safely in summer vacation of child. He was operated on 29th march 2008. I could not believe on my eyes that with in a month of OSSCS Priyam was standing absolutely as normal child & he is able to walk a long distance & run also without felling down on ground. I was so happy that he became independent he again joined school without any loss of education. My only worry is that he could continuously walk normally in future also. But I believe that with this type of dedicated team of Samvedna under guidance of Dr. JK Jain we don’t have to bother about future of our child. Father:-Mr. Rakesh tripathi,  Govindpur Allahabad
    When Deepak’s mother was pregnant she did not know anything why she was bleeding & had watery discharge continuously. We consulted to many doctors, but discharge did not stop. When pregnancy was of 6 months then she started having pain, then mother again consulted doctor, then gynecologist advised Ultrasound. Then ultrasonologist told that uterus did not have fluid inside & concern gynecologist refused to take the responsibility of the child health after birth. When Deepak was born on 29th Sept 1994 , his hand was inside his mouth & he did not cry. Lady Doctor referred the child to Hospital equipped with NICU. There he got treatment in NICU for 10 days. When he was 8 months and we tried to make him stand he could not do so. There after we again went to pediatrician, he told that he is weak and he would take long time before he can walk. Then I took him to Viklang Kendra as well as many other places without any result. Then at the age of 12 years I got address of Samvedna. When he was taken to Samvedna he was not able to stand or walk with or without support and his knee was badly bend and foot was twisted outward. Dr Jain assured me that some thing can be done certainly and he will have some capability of walking. Initially plaster was applied in both lower limbs for 3 weeks followed by therapy and braces. With in four months, he started walking with slight support and improved a lot in balancing and confidence. Then after 6 months of therapy his improvement gone to plateau then Dr Jain decided to do surgery. Financial condition of my family was not good so Dr J K Jain was requested to perform the surgery free of cost. He perform multi level surgery on my child and with in 3 month of therapy he started showing good improvement. He started walking a long distance with elbow crutches and even he started walking for few meter without any support. Lastly I was thinking that it was a miracle for me and my child. It was not possible for me & my family to do all this for my child and it became possible only by whole hearted support of SAMVEDNA trust team. Father Ramesh Chandra Address-Teliarganj, Allahabad
Testimonial from Parents of Cerebral palsy children
Father:-Ram Kripa Gupta  From:- Kharagjeet Nagar Mainpuri (UP)


Pratyush (22 months), a full term baby with a history of delayed cry & subsequent pneumonia presented with delayed developments and even after consulting various medical practitioners in Patna could not be diagnosed & treated for the same.  On advise of one of the ex-patients of Samvedna, we visited Allahabad and consulted Dr. Jain.  Pratyush was injected Botulinium Toxin & after 3 months of rigorous exercise sessions he started sitting independently and maintain crawl position, hand functions improved.  Thanking the Samvedna team.     Praveen Kumar – Patna (Bihar)

My son Prince a case of Spastic Diplegic CP used to bunny hop & walk with a fully supported scissoring gait on toes.  Though Prince was treated at multiple places still no fruitful results could be achieved.  Through internet we got to know about Samvedna Trust & consulted Dr. Jain who operated Prince through SEMLOSSS Technique which followed vigorous physiotherapy for 5 months at the trust.  Now Prince can crawl maturely & sit independently.   Ramendra Shukla – Lakhimpur Kheri (U.P.)

My son Krishna, who is a CP child with multiple disabilities, was unable to sit, stand and walk even at an age of 8 years.  After consulting various doctors we reached Dr. J.K. Jain through one of our relatives.  Krishna was prescribed with few special techniques of exercises at Samvedna Trust, & after six months of therapy my son can now sit independently, involuntary movements got controlled and speech got better.  Thanking the entire Samvedna team for such miracle. Vidyawati Devi – Bali (U.P.)