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This center provides facilities for orthopedic physiotherapy in the clinic premises itself so that patient should not suffer here and there running for their problems and the services should be under direct supervision and guidance of Dr. J K Jain.

Trishla clinic provides following services

  • Routine orthopedic consultancy
  • Specialized Consultancy for pediatric orthopedics
  • Radiology
  • Medical store
  • Minor orthopedic procedure
  • Minor orthopedic OT
  • Major orthopedic surgery (done by Dr. JK Jain at hospital set up)
Picture 060 consultingchamber
Medical center Consulting Chamber
opdblock  9
OPD Block  Therapists


Rehab center is run by 6 senior and 6 junior therapists under direct guidance of DR J K Jain. All of them are trained in therapeutic management of all musculoskeletal problems especially in pediatric disability, chronic body ache and backache, neck pain and all joint problems. They also provide training to young therapist in advance field of therapeutic technique. We regularly have training programme, hands on workshop and conferences at Allahabad to update all interested therapist in latest therapeutic techniques.

Samvedna is a non profitable, charitable trust & it is mend for betterment of children with various kind of disability . This trust is coming into action from 19th march 2006. The office of trust is situated in civil line, Allahabad. The trust consists of 8 doctors and 3 other eminent social persons from education institution. who are devoted for this work as trustees and provide their service to this noble cause. Apart from this, fifteen therapists, 2 special educator, 3 speech therapist, one psychologist, 2 Orthotic Engineer and 5 more office staff is working hard to get best result in all kind of childhood physical disability . The trust right now consists of an office, consultation chamber , a fully equipped rehabilitation center along with center for special education , Special Room for Sensory Integration, Neuro-developmental therapy & speech therapy . One CP Home and transport van has been added in 2011 to solve the problem of stay & transport of parents at Allahabad. Trust functioning is fully dependent on donation .
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Cerebral palsy (CP) is an umbrella term denoting a group of non-progressive, non-contagious motor conditions that cause physical disability in human development, chiefly in the various areas of body movement. Scientific consensus still holds that CP is neither genetic nor a disease, and it is also understood that the vast majority of cases are congenital, coming at or about the time of birth, and/or are diagnosed at a very young age rather than during adolescence or adulthood. It can be defined as a central motor dysfunction affecting muscle tone, posture and movement resulting from a permanent, non-progressive defect or lesion of the immature brain.
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