Aprajita: an inspiration for the Cerebral Palsy affected children & adult

This video have short story of Aprajita, a 19-year-old girl affected by cerebral palsy. She is one of those cerebral palsy affected girl, who got treated by a team of Samvedna; a trust dedicated to CP affected children at Allahabad, UP, India (www.samvednatrust.com). However, she is different from other such treated children. She with her parent’s support successfully completed her high school in 2012 and after that I stop schooling because she was not able to continue. After the surgery & 1 year of therapy she became able enough to do her daily activities on her own, however she do need the support of her parents. Her determination, her parent’s love and the hard work of good doctors have proved to make a CP affected child un-distinguishable from common children. In her language she is born 1 year back not that 17 year back because she learn most of the activity in last 1 year which normally new born learn after birth.

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