Cerebral Palsy : an inspirational success story of Jasmit

when we try everything but nothing came in our hand then we always feel depress but when we continue our effort to reach our goal and get it then really it means. Jasmit when came to us at Allahabad , he lose all hope of walking because his parents their best but not getting proper place and the end he reach samvedna. At samvedna, surgical intervention by Dr Jitendra Jain, 9 month of dedicated effort of therapist & untiring hard work from his mother made hime so confident that he do not want take even elbow crutches and make a promise that one day in life he will be independent fully & will be asset to own family. solute to his mother and jasmit for determining effort for bright future ahead. his mother also motivated many parents of kids affected with CP for unceasing effort for their own child.

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