Equinus gait in cerebral palsy : management

visit to www.samvednatrust.com & www.trishlaortho.com for more info. treatment protocol in equinus gait (toe walking ) is based on age of presentation & topographical type of cerebral palsy. Younger than 2 year age child mx by therapy & brace, 2-6 year age managed by therapy, brace +- botulinum toxin but when child became more than 6 year we try to manage with the aim of permanent correction of deformity by gastrocnemius surgery alone but most of time it is multilvel problem in same limb (hemiplegic/ monoplegic ) or even other limbs also (diplegic ) so we should have detail evaluation before embarking on surgical intervention in the cases with multi level problem then it can be better managed by SEMLOSSS.AFO should be worn till the time full dorsiflexion power regain and foot became supple so minimum time for wearing is AFO should be minimum for 6 month and some time even for longer duration .

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