• Dr J K Jain specializes in Orthopedic Selective Spastic Control Surgery (OSSCS) for the treatment of Cerebral palsy which is a Japanese Technique.
  • SEMLOSSS is the single event multilevel surgery by the concept of OSSCS with some modification.
  • This technique has given excellent response in most of the spastic & mixed pattern cerebral palsy affected children & adult.
  • Till now more than 800 children & adult with different presentation of cerebral palsy has been benefited by  surgeries of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain using this technique.

                 SEMLOSSS & OSSCS Surgical Technique: a boon for physically disable children with cerebral palsy— Advancement & availability of new techniques has given ray of new hope that children with cerebral palsy also can be given a good quality of life.  For this it is very important that the children should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible. Since the deformities have not yet developed fully there are more chances that their brain can be trained more successfully with latest advancement in therapeutic modality like NDT and SI along with light weight braces. But with advancement in age & increasing weight, deformities get fixed and the child stops improving in spite of continuation of therapy & even starts deteriorating. In that stage Routine Orthopedic Surgery does not help much.

OSSCS surgical technique has come as boon for these children. This surgical concept is based on Spasticity of long multi-articular muscles and normal antigravity mono-articular muscle in the body. In this technique, the Spasticity & fixed contracture of all affected long multi-articular muscles in body is corrected in a single event multi level surgery (SEMLS). After surgery tone in body becomes more balanced and within few months of specialized therapy programme, child starts showing good response in terms of physical improvement. This technique can be applied in children of more than 6 years age and even much elder age group. Child who has good neck holding & spinal balance and is able to stand with any support can have excellent results after surgery.

Dr. J K Jain, has started this technique 8 years back. He has got excellent outcome in more than 800 children with this technique. Children who were unable to stand or walk & became hopeless from all available modality of treatment so far, they are now able to stand and walk with or without support depending upon their severity of disability. This technique has not shown any major side effects in these patients so far and is coming as a boon in improving quality of life of these children. Dr J K Jain has modified this concept by addition of proven surgical technique like tendon transfer, derotational osteotomy & percutaneus surgical technique etc.  he has got excellent outcome in more than 95% children & adult with cerebral palsy by this modification. He is very meticulous in selecting ideal candidate for surgery & proper places of surgery in body after repeated & thorough evaluation . If he feel that child is not ideal candidate for surgery then he will not perform surgery and that child will be put on therapy and will be reevaluated for surgery after 3 month of vigorous therapy.

Frequently Asked Question & Answer On SEMLOSSS Surgical Technique & OSSCS concept In Mx Of Cerebral Palsy



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