Pioneering activities


  • Dr J K Jain has 10 years experience in the field of Pediatric orthopedics especially Cerebral Palsy & Deformity Corrective Surgery. He has successfully managed more than 5000 children with various kinds of orthopedic problem. He is team leader & Secretary of Samvedna since 8 years.  He has experience of successful outcome of SSEMLOSSS in more than 800 cases of cerebral palsy including 100 elder children of 15-30 year age group with success rate of more than 90% . Developed a guideline for assessment & treatment protocol in children with cerebral palsy.

 Contribution of Dr J K Jain for Samvedna & Children with special need 

          When Dr. JK Jain started practice in Allahabad with almost no base and very little support from few persons no one had ever thought that one day he would not only be able to establish a charitable trust but also would take it to the heights it is today. Initially when he came across few children with cerebral palsy but could not give them satisfactory answer .he was very much puzzled but never depressed. He took it as challenge &  thought that no problem in this world is invincible with hard labor & devotion. He started taking training & developing his own ideas side by side for treatment of this complex problem. Initial results were enthusiastic but soon he came across a bigger problem; cost of treatment of these patients specially those from poorer section of society, need of a team of different specialist, physiotherapists & other persons of social interest to treat these children holistically and to bring them to main stream of the society.  With this thought and to provide all comprehensive care to these children under one roof, he started trust Samvedna with the aim of providing latest available modality of treatment to these children and also for doing research work on cerebral palsy which was registered in December 2005 and started functioning in March 2006. It is touching new heights everyday under the able leadership of Dr. JK Jain since then.  At present trust has fully equipped rehabilitation center along with a team of 25 dedicated therapists in management of pediatric physical disability including developmental,occupational  & speech therapist, orthotic engineer.  We provide therapy to these children in the group at center along with training of parents for home based therapy programme so that they can carry out therapy at their home.  Trust has got excellent recognition in the field of cerebral palsy by all print and electronic media in last five & half years. The children are coming to trust from various corners of India. The trust also trained more than 100 therapists from various part of India. Dr. JK Jain along with team Samvedna has conducted more than 100 camps & 60 CME in various part of India. The trust has successfully organized Nat. Conference on CP at Allahabad on 4-5th Dec, 2010,  Nat. Symposia for parents of children with CP on 27th Nov. 2011, Nat.  Workshop on problem solving approach in management of children with CP for therapist on 18th Nov 2012 & Parental prospective in Mx of CP Children on 16th NOv 2013. In last 10 years, he has treated >3000 children with the success rate of 90% and even they are being integrated in normal schooling. Success behind this result was integrated approach evolved by Dr. Jain, which include all available latest modality of treatment like NDT, SI, Strength Training Exercise, TRP, MRP, braces, Botulinum Toxin, SEMLS with the concept of OSSCS which is a Japanese Technique given by Dr. Takashi Matasua. He along with his wife Dr Varidmala Jain has also developed institutional guidelines for the assessment & approach to children with CP.   Dr. Jain has started this technique first time in Northern India 8 years back. This surgical technique is based on concept of Bi-articular spastic muscle & normal antigravity mono-articular muscles. Remarkable results in all grade of cerebral palsy were seen in all the patients irrespective of their severity. This technique has changed whole scenario in overall management of cerebral palsy. Child, who was not able to stand or walk & fail to show any response by all other modality of treatment, started walking with in 4-6 month of therapy after surgery. By the help of this technique he has managed more than 150 elder children& adult ( 12 to 30 year age ) with cerebral palsy , who were not getting any response from all available modality of treatment from all over India, they were completely disable , not able to walk or stand but now with the his treatment & dedication of his team they are now able to stand and walk with little support & some of them are now became independent. Now the children with all kind of physical disability from all corner of India are coming to Dr Jain for remedies of his problem. By the help of integrated approach & dedication of Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain along with his team of therapists, the trust have succeeded in getting more than 80% success rate in all kind of physical disability that is equivalent to response shown by developed countries.   Social cause of Dr. JK Jain & his team of Samvedna have been widely recognized by all print and electronic media. Trust is trying to spread this awareness in other parts of country so that maximum children can get rid of, this disabling condition. Personal contributions of this silent worker are far beyond what we can see. He has devoted his full time whole heartedly to this noble cause apart from his busy practice in the city and when a poor little child comes to his door fighting with agonies of his life then there is no importance of money for him. Whenever a child with Cerebral palsy comes, he/she is altogether a very special person to him and his team & again an untiring spell of work starts. He has taken the trust to such a height without financial support of any NGO or government agency. Even poor children get treatment including surgery by contribution of Dr Jain and Samvedna. But the story does not end here. Dream of Dr. Jain & his team now is to develop an institution and a rehabilitation center which is world class in providing training, research, complete rehabilitation & advance training of all personnel in the field of disability in whole country so that children with any kind of disability do not suffer due to non availability of proper treatment in any corner of country.


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