Journey towards solution of pediatric disability

Dr. Jitendra Kumar Jain is a well-known name in the field of childhood physical disability in India. In spite of great professional commitments of a Medical Practitioner, Dr. Jain with his determination & skill, congregated various treatment avenues available of this condition worldwide and with the motive to bring these treatments under the reach of the children, started working for CP children in the year 2004. This divergence in his professional career brought respite to several underprivileged children especially those who couldn’t afford expensive treatment available at other places. His efforts did wonders in terms of functional improvement and social integration for thousands of children who previously felt distinguished and neglected. 

His dedication to the welfare of these children without thinking of the challenges is incomparable. He got registered two non-profit organizations Samvedna in year 2005 and Trishla Foundation on 12th August 2014 to increase the horizon for helping not only Cerebral palsy children and other forms of Orthopedic disability. He also started construction of “Trishla CP Village” to but to fulfil his dream to provide world-class rehabilitation facilities along with temporary stay of families at one place. 

But this journey has passed through tough roads. Dr Jain has travelled to many parts of the country to increase awareness among people to provide rehab measure to children affected with cerebral palsy and to provide training to therapist, specialist and parents in life time care of children with cerebral palsy. He has conducted 162 free checks up cum awareness camps in 76 districts of 12 states through which more than 20000 children and their families are benefited. He has given consultancy services to 6000 children out of which, 3000 stayed for treatment. They stay at Prayagraj from months to years for training and rehab. He is also supervising 13 rehab centres in other parts of the country.  

Dr Jain and his team work tirelessly to help to rehabilitate these children and provide every other possible help during their stay.  Most of these children are living much better lives and have been integrated into the main stream of society and joined mainstream schooling. He has developed the concept of parents training in home based therapy for their child to sustain therapy for long time. He is also working for overall personality development and social integration of these children through various activities like sports activities, CP fair and cultural celebrations. Trishla Foundation also issues, Trishla medical card to patients with different kind of chronic Neuro-orthopedic disability from under privileged society for life time free consultancy.

With the use of advanced treatment and rehab technique, more than 80 percent children with cerebral palsy have achieved functional independence and are actively participating in different walks of their lives including school going. He is guiding the parents and families in life time care of these children. His way of management is multidimensional which include medicine, physical therapy, surgery, assistive devices, training in activity of daily life, various postures of yoga, psychosocial integration & sports etc. 

He has also established guidelines in management of cerebral palsy and developed many innovative techniques of rehabilitation. His contribution in the field of cerebral palsy has given new dimensions to the rehabilitation of cerebral palsy children in India. More over all these social activities are being done without any funds from Government or any other funding agency. 

Dr Jain has developed integrated approach for rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy including advance surgical and therapeutic techniques with his innovative ideas, which are giving excellent functional outcome in children with cerebral palsy. The most intriguing feature of the integrated approach introduced by Dr. Jain is to design individualized treatment plan according to condition of child & impart skilled training to therapist, social workers and parents in the field of Cerebral Palsy to take up challenges and also spread awareness in different parts of the country 

He is filling the gap of trained manpower in the field of childhood physical disability by imparting practical training to them through CME, workshops, seminars, conferences. He has also delivered talks on cerebral palsy in more than 60 state and national academic meetings and had significant impact in bringing cerebral palsy an issue of keen interest and discussion among medical and paramedical fraternity in India. With his efforts now more and more children are approaching for rehabilitation at very early age which is very crucial for better outcome. Thousands of children who otherwise would have been lying in bleak corner of their house are now self dependent, and many of them are going to mainstream schools because of his dedicated efforts. He maintains high quality standard of the treatment given, by getting himself regular updated through various international literature and interaction with renowned experts in this field. 

Overall Dr. JK Jain has become a name of relief and hope for the lives of thousands of children with cerebral palsy in India who were otherwise left untreated and forced to live a miserable life. His contribution to the society is recognized by print and electronic media all over India. 


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