Bow Legged Treatments in Babies

What is Bowlegs:

Inward curvature of leg bone knows as bow leg. At time of birth, it is normal phenomena. Usually it corrects at the age of 2-2.5 year but if not corrected spontaneously then it may be due to some other causes.

Symptoms of Bowed legs in babies:

Children with bow leg walk with wide leg apart. Knee joint will be not touching to each other during walking. Child will not have any other symptoms.

How Bowlegs are caused?

Before the age of 2 year if it is mild then it is normal for child but may increase in degree of deformity and may not correct due to some associated causes like vitamin D Deficiency, Blount disease (proximal tibial growth disorder), genetic bone abnormality, fracture malunion & proximal tibial physis injury

How Bowed legs can be diagnosed?

Bow leg can diagnosed just by seeing the curvature of leg bone and distance between knee joint. X-ray is required to conform the diagnosis and to diagnose the cause of deformity. Blood investigation for Vit D may be required. X-ray image of bowed leg shows flaring of physis, increase in lucency at growth physial plate, deformity of bone.

Treatment options for Bowed Legs in Babies:

If it is mild and don’t have any symptom of vitamin D then no treatment is needed. Only observation will be sufficient. If not progressing well then Strict follow up is required under pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Vitamin D and calcium supplement is required in patient with Ricket. Brace is not so required in physiological type but may be needed in Blount disease. Surgery is required in Blount diseases and not correctable/ progressive deformity.

Tips to take care of children with bowed legs:

Oil massage, vitamin d and calcium supplement will take care in most of the cases. Sufficient intake of milk and exposure to sun light is mandatory. Children with bowing should not be stopped from strenuous activity.

Bow Legged Baby Treatment X-Ray
Bow Legged Baby Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my Child from getting bow legs?

There is no prevention for bow legs. But you can prevent certain conditions that cause bowlegs. Get your child proper vitamin D through diet and sunshine to prevent rickets.

How Bow Legs can be Corrected Naturally?

Do exercises, stretch your muscles, physical therapy, vitamins all this will make your bone more stronger.

What happens if bow legs are left untreated?

Bow leg in new born correct naturally with age. If it is because of other causes then it will progress.  then it may lead to pain, increased deformity, and many more. If proper treatment is done, then it leads to less pain and better walking.

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