Children are not
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Paediatric bone are different from adult

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Specialized medical and surgical services to orthopedic problem in children like fracture, bone infection, congenital limb deformity and cerebral palsy

Advance rehab services to children
with cerebral palsy
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Trishla Foundation Talk Series
(basic to advance update in cerebral palsy)

live on FB Page & YouTube live on YouTube channel Trishla Foundation on every Saturday from 6 pm to 8 pm on for up-gradation of parents knowledge and training in the treatment of children with cerebral palsy.


Since last 16 years, Team Trishla is committed to providing high quality medical & surgical care to most of the difficult orthopedic problems with high satisfaction rate. We include yoga, physiotherapy and advance rehab measure as integral/important part of our management protocol.    

Center of Excellence

Team Trishla has taken the most difficult problems in orthopedics in an easy way by providing highly skilled orthopedic surgeries by using latest advancements in medical sciences, innovative ideas of rehab measures and parents’ involvement in treatment planning.

Social Venture

Team Trishla has significantly contributed to improving the lives of thousands of children with cerebral palsy & their families by providing comprehensive rehabilitation care, parents training, free training & assessment camps in many states of India under the umbrella of the nonprofit organization “Trishla Foundation”.

Trishla Foundation

Trishla Ortho

About Dr. J.K Jain – Best Pediatric Orthopedic Doctor and Surgeon in Allahabad, India

Dr Jitendra Jain—A Postgraduate from a premier institute of India PGIMER, Chandigarh, Dr. Jitendra Jain never looked back since he started his practice. His focus was not only on the disease but more on the overall health of the patient. He started updating himself in all the latest developments in medical science along by utilizing yoga, physiotherapy, and patient counseling.

Whenever a patient comes to him usually they find respite in his humane and supporting approach and gets benefitted by a combination of his excellent medical skills as well as a change in lifestyle as advised by him necessary for long term improvement.

Started his medical practice as general orthopedic surgeon and done extraordinary work for all age group patients with orthopedic problem. After 5 years of practice, when he encountered the pathetic condition of pediatric orthopedic problem and childhood physical disability, he diverted his focus on most neglected and difficult orthopedic problem in society. He has always taken the most difficult problems in orthopedics like cerebral palsy and congenital limb deficiency as a challenge and has achieved a milestone in managing those by using the latest treatment and rehabilitation techniques along with his innovative ideas.  He has developed his own methods of treatment in most of the orthopedic issues with excellent results.

In spite of being a busy practitioner, his heart is always with children with disability and their families and he always finds out time to help them by all measures in his capacity. He has wholeheartedly helped numerous special children who previously had lost all hope, but now consider them as gifted and as an important part of the society. Today Prayagraj has become the epicenter of childhood physical disability rehabilitation in India because of his efforts

Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon

Our Speciality

Deformity Correction

Causes of deformity in both children and adults are different. Limb deformity affects muscles, bones, and joints. With the popularization of external fixator and invention of ring external fixator by Dr. Drohr Paley in Russia in 1950’s deformity correction, malunion and nonunion of fracture management have become much easier.

Limb Lengthening

Limb lengthening is required in limb length discrepancy & short stature. Limb lengthening can be done in short stature because of certain diseases like Achondroplasia. Limb length equalization is required in limb length discrepancy. Limb length equalization procedure can be done by lengthening or  shortening of opposite normal limbs.

Foot Surgery

The commonest Foot problem in children at the time of birth is CTEV (Club foot). Foot problems in children can also occur because of improper shoes, trauma, infection, congenital neuropathy & spinal problem. Flat foot is a common issue in children, but most of the time it is self-corrective. Ankle and foot arthritis can be part of generalized arthritis or gout.

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is a group of a neuro-musculoskeletal problem which affects the child in very early phases of life. Cerebral palsy children can have problems in sitting, standing, walking, speech, vision, hearing, epilepsy, perception, and communication, etc. Cerebral palsy can’t be cured but good quality of life can be given by the multimodal therapeutic approach & brace.


Arthrogryposis Multiplex Congenita (AMC)

It is a condition in which a newborn child is affected with multiple joint contractures, stiffness & muscular weakness in the body. It is a non-progressive condition. This problem occurs because of many reasons. This is a rare disorder, occurs in 1 out of 3000 live births. These children will have normal speech & normal intelligence.



Rickets refers to deficient mineralization at the growth plate/ physis (growing area found at the end of the bone). Rickets occurs in young children, so it mainly affects bony growth & development

Pediatric Orthopedic - Children Bone

The common orthopedic problem which affects children is injury, congenital deformities like CTEV (Club Feet), CDH (congenital dislocation of the hip), Congenital Vertical Talus (CVT), CDK (Congenital dislocation knee), a developmental problem like bony & growth plate injury, Rickets, an infection like septic arthritis, osteomyelitis & rarely tumor, etc.

Congenital dislocation knee

Congenital dislocation knee, Paediatric

Congenital dislocation of the knee is a hyperextension deformity of the knee with varying degrees of anterior displacement of the tibia (leg bone) in relation to the femur(thigh bone). It is rare and found in 1 to 2 of 1 lac live birth. More common in female.

Torticollis in Babies

Torticollis means twisted neck, also known as a wry neck and characterized by a lateral tilt of the head & rotation toward the other side of the tilt. It is common in children.

Congenital Limb Deficiency - Limb & Joint reconstruction

Congenital limb deficiency is quite disabling to a newborn. In this problem whole or part of the limb is not developed completely / under developed along with the problem in joint. Limb shortening, joint deformity, bony torsion, muscular imbalance are important findings in these children. Congenital femoral focal deficiencies (CFFD), tibial hemimelia, fibular hemimelia, radial club hand are the common congenital limb deficiency problems.

Growing Pains in legs

Growing pain is an ache/throbbing pain in the legs, mainly in the front of the thigh, calf, or behind the knees. It tends to affect both legs and primarily come in the night, may even wake up a child from sleep.

General Orthopaedic Problem

Trishla clinic also provides consultancy services along with medical and surgical treatment of the difficult orthopedic user of all age the group in addition to pediatric orthopedic services. .

Rheumatoid Arthritis

The common type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis, Ankylosing spondylitis, gout and osteoarthritis etc. Rheumatoid arthritis is a user is a kind of inflammatory arthritis. Good quality of life can be given with the long term use of DMARDs drugs, exercise& yoga. Osteoarthritis is a type of degenerative arthritis & mostly occurs because of aging, overweight, joint injury &joint mal-alignment.

General Orthopedic Problem

More than 80% population suffers from a common orthopedic problem like low backache, neck pain & joint pain in whole life more than once. The commonest cause is the wrong posture, muscle weakness& degenerative changes. Most of the time, these problems can be managed by proper nutrition, weight maintenance, physical exercise, correct posture, proper use of mattress, pillow and ergonomics.

Post Traumatic Malunion & Nonunion

Post-traumatic malunion of bone causes deformity that hamper the proper functioning of extremity and some time it is quite disabling. Improper fixation, abnormal bone biology, osteoporosis & infection are the common causes of non-union. With the modern methods of treatment including open reduction and fixation by Plate, Nail, ring Fixator, bone supplements and supplementary product etc both problems can be managed successfully in most of the cases.

Why Trishla Ortho

Team Trishla has proven track record of success in most of the difficult orthopedic problems & high patient satisfaction rate since inception.


We prove our excellence in the management of most difficult orthopedic issues like pediatric orthopedics, congenital limb deficiency, cerebral palsy & deformity correction for 16 years.


Our team is highly updated as per international guidelines in management.


Our team is comprised of all needed paramedical and medical staff needed to take care of children with orthopedic disability.


We have included yoga & advance rehab technique in addition to medical & surgical management as an integral part of treatment.


We also, provide consultancy to other common orthopedic problems to reduce the suffering of society In addition to our specialized services. 

Social Venture

Trishla Ortho has always believed in social service since its inception.  Team Trishla started its social activities by providing comprehensive rehabilitation to children with cerebral palsy initially with Samvedna and now Trishla Foundation.  Trishla Foundation is our social venture through which we are providing all kinds of rehabilitation to children with neuro-musculoskeletal disability, especially cerebral palsy. Our rehabilitation services include physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, special education, sports, training to parents for home-based activities & help to poor needy families. We also help parents in getting accommodation for a temporary stay at Prayagraj for therapy. We provide training to the young budding therapist in advanced rehab measures and provide technical support of rehab centers and therapist working at different places in India. We have already started the long-awaited project of CP Village where all kinds of facilities can be provided to families of children with cerebral palsy. Their families can stay there for a few months and can get rehabilitation and other training required by them. The efforts of Dr. Jain and his team have been instrumental in the functional and social integration of the children to the mainstream who were previously discriminated and neglected. Today children not only from all over India but also from other countries are coming to him with great hope. A large number of children treated at the Trishla Foundation are now free from their woes and are enjoying their life.

Orthopedic Doctor in Allahabad

Blogs & Articles

Osteogenesis Imperfecta in Children: Impairment and Disability

What is Osteogenesis Imperfecta in Children? Osteogenesis imperfecta is also known as brittle bone disease. In this disease, bone fracture with little trauma or without even any fall. This disease present since birth. It is a genetic disease. It can have a variety of...

Major Differences Between Bow Legs and Knock Knees in Children

Bowleg & knock knee is the opposite deformity in the lower limb. In bow leg, the leg is bowed outward from knee and below so that distance between knees is high, but ankle touches together, but in knock knee, both side of the knee on medial surface touches...

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the causes of orthopedic problem in child

Congenital, Developmental, Trauma, Infection, Metabolic,

How pediatric orthopedic difference from adult orthopedics?

Children are not young adult. Children’s musculoskeletal system is different from adult. Children responses to trauma, infection and deformities are different from adult. Children have more capacity of remodeling & adaptation to environment. So treatment in children with orthopedic problem are managed differently than adult. So they need pediatric orthopedic surgeon, who is trained & have special interest in treatment in orthopedic problem of pediatric age group from birth to 19 year age.

How bones are different in children then adult
  1. Children bone grow in length and width and have fast remodeling.
  2. Kids ligament are stronger than bone. So injury to physial growth plate is common. They can cause limb deformity / shortening
  3. Children bones are more flexible and have thick periosteum. They bend more / have incomplete fracture & heal very fast.
  4. Bone end in joint of children are made by very thick soft cartilage so more prone to damage by vascular injury and infection.
  5. Cartilaginous growth plate & bone end in younger child are not visible on x-ray so they may need ultrasound/ mri/ arthrogram.
Limb shortening in congenital bone deficiency can be managed or not?

Now with the invention of new technique of limb, joint reconstruction by the ilizarov and drohr paley, most of the limb & joint deficiency, deformity, shortening can be reconstructed. Child can have fully mobile joint and equal limb. But these reconstruction should be done by experienced reconstructive surgeon only. Parents should also have patience as these reconstruction require multiple surgery, long rehabilitation and probability of complication.  Management start in very age of life.

how early congenital anomaly like club foot, congenital hip dislocation and other congenital limb deformity should be managed.

Early the identification & intervention, better the outcome. Deformity like club foot and hip instability are supple and easily manageable in early infancy but as age increases stiffness increases and reducibility decreases. So early identification is very important. Treatment should be started as early as possible.

Walk in Appointments Available Daily

You can make an appointment online for video tale-consultation by fixing up an appointment at this website or you can visit the clinic to make an appointment in person and show to doctor with the care of social distancing at the given time.

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