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Limb length equalization/ lengthening –limb length discrepancy & short stature is a common orthopedic problem. Limb length equalization procedure can be done by Limb lengthening or limb shortening of opposite normal limbs. But short stature needs equal limb lengthening on both side. Limb lengthening is not much proffered in short stature because of many associated complication. If it is really required in certain disease like Achondroplasia, it can be done successfully with precaution and proper care. In cases with limb length discrepancy it is required to equalize the limb length. Limb lengthening is being done by corticomy and bone transfer by the use of Ilizarov ring fixater, rail system external fixater, lengthening on intra-medullary nail and plate. At a time 5-6 cm limb lengthening can be done easily by corticotomy at one place.

Total rough time to Limb shortening of opposite normal limb can be done by bone shortening osteotomy, crossed screw/ plate/ open epiphysiodesis of physial growth plate.

Limb lengthening by LRS over IM  nail

Limb Lengthening by ilizarov in fibular hemimelia

Limb shortening of opposite normal limb by Epiphysiodesis

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