Ilizarov Surgery

Overview of Ilizarov Technique: Name Ilizarov was taken from Dr Gavril Abramonavich Ilizarov. He gave the concept of bone regeneration by the distraction of bone fragments after osteotomy. He came into the limelight when well known Olympic jumper Velery Brumel in 1968, when he got multiple fractures and was not united inspite of many surgeries and even got infected and limb shortening. Dr G A ilizarov had used his innovative idea of bone regeneration and this athletic was back to his athletic career.  

Procedure of Ilizarov Surgery: In ilizarov surgery, bone are being cut and will be fix by the ring design by ilizarov. Bone will be hold by the ring through fine wire going through bones then bone transport will be done to increase  the distance between bone end at fix rate of distraction. New bone will be formed in between. 

Advantages of Ilizarov Method: By the Ilizarov we increase the length of bone, can get union in non united fracture, can get rid of bone infection by distraction & compression and can correct the bone deformity.

Disadvantages of Ilizarov Method: If properly performed then there is no disadvantage of this technique except for long time wearing of rings and care needed by them.

Principles of Ilizarov Method: Ilizarov principle is based on the concept of new blood vessel and bone tissue at the the site of corticomy with slow distraction & stability given by the ring fixator.  It means that by saving the circulation of bone fragemt during cutting of bone and by the slow distraction new vessel a will formed  that will increase the circulation and new bone formation will take place by the increase  of osteoblastic activity.  

Uses of Ilizarov Method: Ilizarov methods are being used in variety of bony problem and vascular issues. It is being used to treat complicated limb fracture, bony and joint deformity, limb lengthening, infected non union & vascular ischaemia etc.

Complications of Ilizarov Surgery: Complication of ilizarov surgery is many. It include vessel injury, bone infection, failure of surgery, re-fracture etc. All these complication is preventable if properly planned. Patient need to aware of these complication and they need to be under strict follow up of orthopedic surgeon

Ilizarov Surgery

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